Foodie Friday: Gung Ho

Hi Foxy People! It’s “Foodie Friday” another work week down and let the weekend festivities begin. Yay! lol.

I hope you enjoyed all the Black History Month shoutouts I did. I wanted to make sure we highlighted some of our dope people doing great things. This month, I am helping everyone who is practicing #meatlessmarch. Everyday, I plan to bring you either recipes, restaurant reviews, or tips that help me to survive this plant-based lifestyle, one post at a time. So stay tuned for these surprises throughout March!

Today, we of course are starting off with a new restaurant where you can get some good asian cuisine that you can share with others or leave it all to yourself, Gung Ho. Located in the Lower Greenville area, you can find this hidden gem next to HG Supply Co. We got a chance to celebrate my friend’s birthday there and let’s just say, we will be back again soon.

I have my full review below!

Gung Ho


Things to know

  • Everything is family style shared plates. So when they bring the food, they automatically provide you with plates to share food and steamed rice for the table.
  • During the week, they do not open until after 5 pm, so if you were seeking lunch during the week, you won’t be able to. However, they are open at 10 am on Saturday and Sundays. They are open late during the weekdays. Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, they are even open until 2 am!
  • They have a whole section dedicated to the veggie & vegan friendly foxies! In addition to that, you can always ask to get other items without the meat if you are really craving fried rice or lo mein noodles. For the Pescatarians out here, they have seafood options as well.

Fan Favorite

  • As pictured, my favorite meal on the menu was the Lo Mein. What can I say, I LOVE noodles! It was so good. I just asked to get it with the noodles and veggies with an egg added in. It was so good, everyone at the table wanted some. I had to cut them off lol.
  • Something extra: If you get the if you want to see something different and interesting, order the Roasted Mushrooms. The bonito flakes move when they bring the plate out.

Stay Foxy!

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