Foodie Friday: All Good Cafe

Hi Foxy People! How are feeling this “Foodie Friday” ? This week, I wanted to highlight one of my little hidden gems in Dallas. Tucked away on Main Street in Deep Ellum is one of my favorite Breakfast spots, All Good Cafe. If you are looking for a laid back place with staff that makes you feel like family, you will truly enjoy visiting here! Check out my review below and you will see what I mean.

All Good Cafe

Things to know

  • Brunch lasts until 3 pm!!! Plenty of time for you to get up and get there before they stop serving breakfast.
  • You need to check in at the register to get on the list. Don’t worry, if you look lost, someone will help you out lol. Most people who are already on the list, wait by the stage area off to the side.
  • They serve lunch and dinner too! Be mindful that they close at 7 pm on Sunday and 9 pm every other day.

Fan Favorite

  • Let me put out the disclaimer that I have eaten some many things on the menu! lol. The Five-Cheese Mac & Cheese is bomb. Their 3 Egg Omelette is so good and you can customize it to your liking. The one the keeps a special place in my heart is Sophie’s Breakfast Tacos #1. 
  • Sophie’s Breakfast Tacos #1 – Farm-fresh eggs scrambled with pepper jack cheese and avocado placed in soft corn tortillas. You can choose between black beans or potatoes. I always get the potatoes because they cook them with bell peppers and onions. SO good! I think what takes it over is their pico de gallo. I don’t know what all is in it, but I always end up leaving the bowl empty lol.
  • If you are a coffee fan, give their coffee a try and look around at all the tables. Each cup is different and has it’s own character. While you are at it, take a look up at the ceiling. You’ll catch all the beautiful cranes in the sky. I love it!

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: Tupelo Honey

Hi Foxy People! It’s another wonderful “Foodie Friday.” This week, we are covering a special occasion. It was my Grandy’s birthday last Saturday! I was so happy that she decided to her special day with me and mama in the Big D. Of course I had to show her a good time, right! This meant we were going to all of the new attractions that she missed the last time she visited. The Frisco Star was at the top of the list. I must admit, this was my excuse to finally try a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for months, Tupelo Honey . It worked out great because it was food that reminded her of home. Nailed it! Take a look at my review below of this southern, comfort restaurant.

Tupelo Honey

Things to Know

  • Tupelo Honey has roots in the Carolina mountains. That’s where they receive their inspiration and recipes.
  • It’s best to make a reservation. We decided to make a reservation that night and it worked in our favor. The place filled up quickly. Also, this is the only place I’ve been to where all members of your party do not have to be in present before you can be seated. Parking was a nightmare that night, so thank God! lol
  • Their menu covers all dietary lifestyles, while staying true to Southern roots. They have so many Vegan and Vegetarian options. If you are Pescatarian, no problem. They have seafood options. For those who love fried chicken, they have a variety of their famous fried chicken. We can all enjoy a meal here!

Fan Favorite

  • Hands down, the best meal option for me and my veggie peeps was the Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate. It was great because you get to try 4 of their side options for around $15. Not bad! My options were Basil & Butter Green Beans (wasn’t a fan), Cheesy Potato Gratin with Biscuit Crumbles (so good!), Mixed Greens Salad (loved their house dressing), and Roasted Maple & Sage Root Vegetables (great flavors). Everything was great to me except for the green beans. I understand the process of shocking them in the cold water to stop the cooking and keeping the color, but I expected to taste more of the warm basil butter and salt. I may give it a try again in the future. 

Stay Foxy!

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Food Festival Time!!! DFW Restaurant Week Food & Wine Festival 2016

Happy Sunday Foxy People!

Today, I want to switch things up a bit. Fortunately for my mommy, yes I said mommy lol, we were able to purchase tickets and attend the DFW Restaurant Week Food & Wine Festival yesterday (Saturday). Love you girl! lol. I figured this post would be a great way to share a Foodie Experience with all of you! Who knows, it may even inspire you to attend a food festival in your local areas.

This festival in particular spanned over 2 days (Friday and Saturday) and it had options for attendance on Friday only or Saturday only. There was an upgraded option for each day where you can join a Wine Tasters Club. It wasn’t that bad in price in comparison to the general entry. I think about an additional $20 or so. This allowed you to sample 5 different wines over your time at the event. Of course like many festivals, you have options to do All Access Passes that gives you entry for the entire event. After checking all of the options, I opted to go for the Saturday entry only Wine Tasters Club option. This is great for wine lovers like me and they had sparkling, red, and white wines galore!

In regards to the food, I must say that I expected more restaurants. There were about 8 restaurants that had representatives there with samples. I know that seems to be a lot, but I’ve been to festivals that had more than 15 booths. I would say they did have some restaurants that you may have already known like, the Keg or Seasons 52. That’s always good to have fan favorites. I would say that I didn’t see too many Vegetarian friendly options, but that’s not new lol. That’s typical at most places.

There was a ticket system at this event. The tickets that included food and drinks all night were a little pricey for my taste, but if you would like to go that route and not pay for anything once you got to the event, it would be best. The food and drinks needed to be purchased with tickets and similar to the state fair, it can get pricey lol.

They had live music as well here. That makes it great for a date night or a girls night on the town. A nice touch at any event.

Overall, would I go to this event again next year? Yes! I won’t be focused on the food so much, but it’s great to just be there and experience all of the live music and ultimately, free drinks all night.

I hope this inspires you to maybe give food festivals a try. At least it’s something new and who knows, you may want to go again next year.

Stay Foxy!

DFW Food & Wine Pic

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