Foodie Friday: pure Milk and Honey

Hi Foxy People! I’ve been gone for a minute, but I’m back! It’s our favorite day…“Foodie Friday”!!!!

I had the pleasure of being invited to a soft opening for a new soft serve, ice cream shop opening up in the Dallas area. Dope right! Every time I get invited to openings, I always feel so blessed.

So today, we are going to show some love to this lovely, woman owned business, Pure Milk and Honey. Cindy is so sweet and honestly, I am always here to support small businesses and women business owners. Shoutout to us ladies doing thangs! lol. Now, check out my review below.

pure Milk and Honey

Things to know

  • All of the soft serve is natural made and flavored with local Texas milk that is certified organic and 100% pure, raw honey and honeycombs. No sugar mix or sweeteners. You can really taste the honey in there too!
  • They offer non-diary options! Yes, all vegans and vegetarians, we have options if you are not here for the dairy options. They come in the Honey and Dark Chocolate flavors. To be honest, I had the Dark Chocolate dairy and non-dairy flavors and I preferred the non-dairy option. It was so light and you tasted the flavors more.
  • What all do they offer? The menu includes, soft serve in a cup of homemade waffle cone, shakes, sundaes, and these lovely, honey teas. I got a chance to try the Blueberry flavor with San Pellegrino and I believe I will have to get these every time I visit.

Fan Favorite

  • The Going Bananas Sundae. It is made of their signature, honey ice cream topped with their homemade banana bread, sliced bananas, dark and white chocolate chips and their homemade chocolate fudge sauce. When I tell you this was GOOD! The thing I loved the most is that the banana bread didn’t really have cinnamon in it (I’m allergic) and it didn’t have nuts in it (for those who are allergic to nuts). Great right!

Stay Foxy!

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