Foodie Friday: Masala Wok

Hi Foxy People! Happy February. We are 1 month down in the new year. Did it seem like January was the longest month ever or is it just me? lol.

We’ve been weathering chilly temps here in Dallas. Obviously, Dallas weather is no comparison to the temps in the Midwest, but it’s truly Winter here in Texas. On this “Foodie Friday” , I wanted to highlight one of my go to spots when I want something comforting and warm. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Indian food. When I found this gem while I was shopping in Frisco, let’s just say it was love at first sight. Check out my review on Masala Wok below!

Masala Wok

Things to know

  • The restaurant is split between two cuisines. You have a full Indian food menu and Asian food menu. To be honest, the Indian side has been so good, that I haven’t even tried the other one. Terrible right! lol. I will get to it one day.
  • They have multiple locations in the DFW area. If you don’t feel like commuting all the way to Frisco, you can always enjoy the Richardson or Irving locations.
  • They have Gluten Free and Vegan Menus as well. That’s right, they cover all of your dietary bases at this restaurant.

Fan Favorite

  • My go to dish every single time that I go there is…. Malai Kofta. It is a dish made of golden, vegetable balls that are filled with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, paneer, peas, & cauliflower that is bathed in the most delicious, silky onion-tomato cream sauce. It comes with a side of basmati rice and naan. You can get all of this for $10!
  • In second place, if you are in the mood for a wrap, I suggest getting the Tandoori Wrap made with Paneer. It’s naan bread with mozzarella cheese, cilantro, red onions, & tomatoes served with a side salad and tikka masala. So good!

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: Ziziki’s Restaurant

Hi Foxy People! It’s another beautiful “Foodie Friday” . This week, I want to highlight another brunch spot in Dallas. I was able to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I love when I have an excuse to try a new place, especially Greek food! It’s a favorite of mine. Check out my review on Ziziki’s Restaurant below!

Ziziki’s Restaurant

Things to know

  • The restaurant is split between two buildings. The have a main area where the brunch setup is and tables. There is another building right across the walkway that they own as well and it is where the larger parties are seated.
  • The omelette and eggs benedict option is available, you just have to order it through your waiter or waitress. Don’t worry, it is still included in the buffet setup.
  • The mimosas are 10 cents for the starter glass and then bottomless mimosas after that.

Fan Favorite

  • I had a great amount of options on the buffet line, which was good.
  • I really enjoyed the White Cold Pasta made with mushrooms, zucchini, squash, artichokes, mayo, basil, Feta cheese, diced tomatoes. It was so good, I got 2 helpings. No worries, I balanced it out with fresh fruit on my plate.

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: BH Lounge

Hi Foxy People! It’s another beautiful “Foodie Friday” . This week, I want to highlight a brunch spot in Desoto, TX. I was able to give this place a try for our Praise Dance Holiday Party for church. Check out my review of this black owned, community staple BH Lounge below!

BH Lounge

Things to know

  • They are know for their Brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. It includes unlimited mimosas, an omelette station, waffles made to order, with a buffet spread of typical breakfast and Sunday dinner favorites.
  • You can make reservations for big parties. If you’re dining in small parties, a reservation isn’t always needed.
  • They have live music. Check their “Band Calendar” to see the scheduled dates.

Fan Favorite

  • I enjoyed the build your own omelette station. They make them fresh to order at the station and have veggie options! I also loved that they had a grits station. It reminded me of home cooking at my grandparents house!
  • Bonus, is the fact that they had a lot of flavor choices for the mimosas. I was able to try pineapple for the first time and it was good. It’s best to get the bottomless mimosas option because if you purchase two individual glasses, you pretty much paid for the bottomless option.

Stay Foxy!

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Cooking Demo Time!

Hi Foxy People!

Thanks for continuing your healthy lifestyle journey with me into 2019! I have a special gift for you. I will be continuing my cooking demonstrations. New space, same vibe!

For this month’s theme, I will be hosting my Vegetarian Soul Food Demo. That’s right, I’m bringing the fan favorite back! It will be Saturday, January 19th.

Purchase your tickets TODAY via the Eventbrite link below!

Vegetarian Soul Food Demo

Stay Foxy!

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Happy New Year!

Hi Foxy People!

2018 was an amazing year! It was filled with new beginnings. I was blessed to go from a blogger to a chef/business owner who hosts cooking demonstrations. I’ve had partnerships with so many wonderful businesses and fellow bloggers alike. I even lived out my dreams of being featured in a major publication and conducting a cooking demonstration at a farmers market. I’m so happy that I was able to share my journey with each of you! Life can be a crazy, a hot mess, filled with twists and turns, but it’s all wrapped up in moments of happiness, the best outcomes, and overall joy.

As for 2019, I’m looking forward to building and continuing to grow. I want to continue to share my plant-based journey with you. I want you to share your experiences with me too.

Cheers to the New Year!

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: Peckish Pies

Hi Foxy People! I’ve been a little MIA enjoying time with my family for the holidays. I wanted to at least share a little something for my “Foodie Friday” series. This week, I want to highlight a pie place that I was able to try at one of the blogger events I attended. Peckish Pies is your one stop shop for mini pies. Check out my review below on these cute, little gems!

Peckish Pies

Things to know

  • There isn’t a physical location for these pies. You have to order them online. Honestly, we order everything else online. Why not order treats as well? Added bonus, there is a 10% discount happening as we speak. Use “THANKS18” for the code.
  • Order requirements exist, but they make sense. You must order a minimum of four pies of the flavor of your choice. I admit, you wouldn’t want to only order 1 mini pecan pie at $4.50. Shipping alone costs more than that amount. You should want to order at least four to get your money’s worth.
  • Order 2 days in advance. They mention to allow 24 – 48 hours on the website, but give them and yourself more cushion time. Especially, with it being the holidays.

Fan Favorite

  • Although I do love that they offer a variety of savory and sweet pies, my favorite has to be, “The Old Fashioned.”
  • The Old Fashioned – Classic Pecan Pie with Chunks of Chocolate and a Splash of Bourbon. Who doesn’t like a little liquor in their desserts? So good! I also, love the fact that the pecans don’t take over the pie. There are just a few on the top.

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: All Good Cafe

Hi Foxy People! How are feeling this “Foodie Friday” ? This week, I wanted to highlight one of my little hidden gems in Dallas. Tucked away on Main Street in Deep Ellum is one of my favorite Breakfast spots, All Good Cafe. If you are looking for a laid back place with staff that makes you feel like family, you will truly enjoy visiting here! Check out my review below and you will see what I mean.

All Good Cafe

Things to know

  • Brunch lasts until 3 pm!!! Plenty of time for you to get up and get there before they stop serving breakfast.
  • You need to check in at the register to get on the list. Don’t worry, if you look lost, someone will help you out lol. Most people who are already on the list, wait by the stage area off to the side.
  • They serve lunch and dinner too! Be mindful that they close at 7 pm on Sunday and 9 pm every other day.

Fan Favorite

  • Let me put out the disclaimer that I have eaten some many things on the menu! lol. The Five-Cheese Mac & Cheese is bomb. Their 3 Egg Omelette is so good and you can customize it to your liking. The one the keeps a special place in my heart is Sophie’s Breakfast Tacos #1. 
  • Sophie’s Breakfast Tacos #1 – Farm-fresh eggs scrambled with pepper jack cheese and avocado placed in soft corn tortillas. You can choose between black beans or potatoes. I always get the potatoes because they cook them with bell peppers and onions. SO good! I think what takes it over is their pico de gallo. I don’t know what all is in it, but I always end up leaving the bowl empty lol.
  • If you are a coffee fan, give their coffee a try and look around at all the tables. Each cup is different and has it’s own character. While you are at it, take a look up at the ceiling. You’ll catch all the beautiful cranes in the sky. I love it!

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: Tupelo Honey

Hi Foxy People! It’s another wonderful “Foodie Friday.” This week, we are covering a special occasion. It was my Grandy’s birthday last Saturday! I was so happy that she decided to her special day with me and mama in the Big D. Of course I had to show her a good time, right! This meant we were going to all of the new attractions that she missed the last time she visited. The Frisco Star was at the top of the list. I must admit, this was my excuse to finally try a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for months, Tupelo Honey . It worked out great because it was food that reminded her of home. Nailed it! Take a look at my review below of this southern, comfort restaurant.

Tupelo Honey

Things to Know

  • Tupelo Honey has roots in the Carolina mountains. That’s where they receive their inspiration and recipes.
  • It’s best to make a reservation. We decided to make a reservation that night and it worked in our favor. The place filled up quickly. Also, this is the only place I’ve been to where all members of your party do not have to be in present before you can be seated. Parking was a nightmare that night, so thank God! lol
  • Their menu covers all dietary lifestyles, while staying true to Southern roots. They have so many Vegan and Vegetarian options. If you are Pescatarian, no problem. They have seafood options. For those who love fried chicken, they have a variety of their famous fried chicken. We can all enjoy a meal here!

Fan Favorite

  • Hands down, the best meal option for me and my veggie peeps was the Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate. It was great because you get to try 4 of their side options for around $15. Not bad! My options were Basil & Butter Green Beans (wasn’t a fan), Cheesy Potato Gratin with Biscuit Crumbles (so good!), Mixed Greens Salad (loved their house dressing), and Roasted Maple & Sage Root Vegetables (great flavors). Everything was great to me except for the green beans. I understand the process of shocking them in the cold water to stop the cooking and keeping the color, but I expected to taste more of the warm basil butter and salt. I may give it a try again in the future. 

Stay Foxy!

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Thanksgiving Dinner: Vegetarian Style

Happy Wednesday Foxy People!

The holiday season is approaching so fast! I know you usually see my Foodie Friday posts, but this week I wanted to ensure that I equipped everyone with some of my top items and go to recipes for a great, veggie friendly Thanksgiving. This will hopefully give you time to plan your menu!

Top 3 Thanksgiving Turkey Substitutes 

Great news! All of these below options are Vegan.

GN_TurkyCutlets_RGB-2-225x231Gardein Turk’y Meatless Cutlets

This product I enjoy thoroughly throughout the fall. I hope they start having this year round because it is so good! It is a pre-breaded cutlet that you can bake and pair with your favorite gravy. This is a soy based product and is made with organic ancient grain flour (KAMUT® khorasan wheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa) and potato starch.Check out this link for ingredient details.

vegan-naken-chicken-cutlets (1)Quorn Chik’n Cutlets

I was drawn to this product simply because of the name lol. I ended up liking this item because of it’s texture. If you don’t want a soy based product, you may want to give this one a try. It is made from Mycoprotein, Potato protein, and Pea fiber. I like to cook this product in Vegetable broth. It absorbs those flavors very well.Check out this link for ingredient details.

GN_HolidayRoast-225x134Gardein Holiday Roast

I haven’t had a chance to try this option, but I’ve been wanting to for years! It’s finally available in the Dallas area, so I’m going to give it a try. This is a soy based product as well and is made with organic ancient grain flour (KAMUT® khorasan wheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa) and potato starch. Want to try it with me? It is basically formed like a roast and it has a stuffing mix in the middle.Check out this link for ingredient details.

Top 3 Thanksgiving Sides

Cornbread Dressing

Follow your traditional recipe for baking cornbread. You can swap out some of the dairy products with vegan buttery spread and unsweetened almond milk to make it Vegan friendly. Once it is baked and cooled, add in some fresh rosemary chopped, some sauteed onions and bell peppers, vegetable broth, salt, black pepper, thyme, and a lot of sage! lol. I just love that seasoning during the holidays. Mix this well and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes on 350 degrees or until it is firm and golden at the top.

Mashed Potatoes

It’s all the same process you usually use for mashed potatoes. You just have to make Vegan friendly option. How? Simple, instead of using milk or cream, swap out the ingredients with unsweetened almond milk. Instead of using butter, swap it out with a vegan buttery spread like Earth Balance original spread or extra virgin olive oil. If you’re okay with keeping it Vegetarian friendly, add in a tablespoon of olive oil mayo and some cheese for extra creaminess.

Sauteed Kale

This is the most easy recipe of them all! All you need is a few bunches of kale, sweet onion, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, red pepper flake, and salt. Saute them all in a skillet until the kale is withered and the onions are a golden brown color.

Stay Foxy!

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Foodie Friday: Bellagreen

Hi Foxy People!

It’s “Foodie Friday”, my favorite day of the week. It’s my chance to highlight some pretty dope restaurants in the DFW area. I’ve been really lucky in my blogger journey because I’ve been able to go to some really nice grand openings.

This week, I was invited to the Grand Opening of Bellagreen. It’s an American Bistro that has multiple locations in Houston. The new location on Walnut Hill Ln will be the 1st of many in the DFW.

Now let’s get to the fun part! You’re obviously wondering, how did you like the food and the space? You know I got you! Check out all the highlights from Bellagreen below.



Instagram @foxyveggies

Things to know…

  1. They are environmental conscious people at Bellagreen. Their goal is to make the communities around their restaurants more beautiful. To do that, they make sure to reduce their ecological footprint through Alternative Power, Chemical & Pollution Reduction, Sustainable Food Practices, Sustainable Furnishings & Building Materials, and Water Conservation. I just love a place that cares about my well being and what food they are actually serving their patrons!
  2. It’s a casual dining restaurant, which means you can dress up or down. This is perfect for if you want to have a casual business team lunch, family night, or date night. It’s a place for every occasion.
  3. Their menu caters to so many dietary needs! For example, if you are Vegan or Vegetarian, they have you covered. If you are doing the Paleo diet, they have those options. They cater to those who live a Gluten Free lifestyle as well. So many perks and everyone can eat without feeling limited.
  4. ***BONUS FUN FACT*** For all of the Wine Connoisseurs, they have a program where if you bring in 10 wine corks during your meal, you can take home a free glass of wine! Yep, I said it! FREE BOTTLE OF WINE. Pretty nice right? They use those corks to create beautiful art for each restaurant location.

Favorite Dish

I had to list all of the goodies we had. They feed us very well!



Organic Spinach Dip
  • Imagine Spinach dip with all the good cheeses blended into you nice serving with flatbread and a tapenade inspired plate. Can you picture it? That’s what they have created for you. So yummy!

The Vegetarian Choice

The (V) Burger
  • I’ve never had a burger like this. It was creamy, but holds it’s form. It was also packed with little nuggets of veggies like corn and sweet potatoes. Great little surprises! You also get to choose a side of either sweet potato fries, house cut fries, or their quinoa salad. That quinoa salad was so fresh and I loved that it had nuts mixed in for a nice crunch.

A Fan Favorite for Meat Lovers

Brick Chicken with sides of Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables
  • I had the pleasure of bringing my mama along with me. She enjoyed it! All great reviews in regards to flavor with the chicken and veggies. The lemon added a little tartness to it in a good way she mentioned.


Carrot Cake & the Domino Cake
  • Both were AMAZING and rich! Let’s just say we cleaned our plates with those two.


If you go to Bellagreen, give us a shoutout and let them know Foxy Veggies sent you!

Stay Foxy!

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