Foodie Friday: Peckish Pies

Hi Foxy People! I’ve been a little MIA enjoying time with my family for the holidays. I wanted to at least share a little something for my “Foodie Friday” series. This week, I want to highlight a pie place that I was able to try at one of the blogger events I attended. Peckish Pies is your one stop shop for mini pies. Check out my review below on these cute, little gems!

Peckish Pies

Things to know

  • There isn’t a physical location for these pies. You have to order them online. Honestly, we order everything else online. Why not order treats as well? Added bonus, there is a 10% discount happening as we speak. Use “THANKS18” for the code.
  • Order requirements exist, but they make sense. You must order a minimum of four pies of the flavor of your choice. I admit, you wouldn’t want to only order 1 mini pecan pie at $4.50. Shipping alone costs more than that amount. You should want to order at least four to get your money’s worth.
  • Order 2 days in advance. They mention to allow 24 – 48 hours on the website, but give them and yourself more cushion time. Especially, with it being the holidays.

Fan Favorite

  • Although I do love that they offer a variety of savory and sweet pies, my favorite has to be, “The Old Fashioned.”
  • The Old Fashioned – Classic Pecan Pie with Chunks of Chocolate and a Splash of Bourbon. Who doesn’t like a little liquor in their desserts? So good! I also, love the fact that the pecans don’t take over the pie. There are just a few on the top.

Stay Foxy!

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