Birthday Brunch at Stirr

Hi Foxy People!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen all of my posts about my 27th Birthday Festivities.

Happy Birthday to me! Lol

We rounded out the festivities with our favorite…Sunday Brunch Day! This past week, we went to Stirr in Deep Ellum. We’ve always enjoyed the late night patio vibes, but as a group, we haven’t enjoyed the brunch yet. Let’s dig in!

Let me say, if you can make a reservation, do it. We did and I thank God we did lol. It was packed, granted it was Father’s Day Weekend. I still feel it’s always that packed on a normal basis.

Once we got seated, we didn’t waste any time on getting MIMOSAS. They had reasonable carafes, so we had about 3. It was 10 of us, so no judgement lol.

For food, the majority of us are the “Texas Migas.” You can keep it as just the eggs or add in your choice of meat. We all enjoyed it! It had a nice kick with the jalapenos and salsa, while the avocados gives a nice creaminess to it.


I also got treated to a Birthday Cocktail. My favorite drink is Vodka and Cranberry. I loved that they used white cranberry juice. Definitely, a drink of choice here!


All in all, we will be back again! Great food and drinks, with cool vibes, in our favorite neighborhood.

Stay Foxy!

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