Foodie Friday: Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar – Oak Lawn Location

Hi Foxy People!

It’s been a long time, but I am back!!! I started doing these “Foodie Friday” posts back in the day and thought it would be brilliant to revamp it and bring it back. “Foodie Friday” is a way for me to share my experiences at local restaurants as a vegetarian and I’ll throw in some of my recipes from time to time.

In honor of the first “Foodie Friday” post, I wanted to share my experience at Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar!

I was in the mood for pizza one day and I kept hearing from friends about this place not too far from my place. I always drove past it, but never found the time to step in. That day was the day. From the moment I walked up to the location, I instantly knew I was going to love this place. The patio area was nice and had umbrellas to give you relief from this Texas sun. The inside gave me industrial meets modern vibes with the decor. There was a mixture of seating where you can sit communal style or cozy in tables for 2 or 4. I could get used to the laid back vibes here.

Now let’s talk about the food! All you smell is the fresh dough baking in the air. You see different varieties of pizza pies on the table tops as you pan over the space. I couldn’t wait to try their “Margherita” Pie. It has organic tomato sauce, house mozzarella, basil, and sea salt. Simple ingredients that make a BOMB pizza. I literally had the whole pie to myself and ate the entire thing. That’s how good it was lol. I was happy to see that this wasn’t the only veggie friendly thing on the menu. They do offer a “Veggie” pie as well that is topped with eggplant, broccolini, fontina, calabrian peppers, garlic, and lemon zest. There are salad options, garlic knots, and hummus as well. They offer these dipping sauces for your pizza too. Their “Organic Marinara” was good, but the “House Ricotta Ranch” changed the game! It was the best ranch I ever had. I had the pleasure of trying the “House-made Doughnuts” and they were warm and fluffy. It’s like eating a sweet treat from home. I washed everything down with their “Crackberry Cider.” I am not a beer drinker. Let me repeat, I am not a beer drinker. This “Crackberry Cider”, changed my outlook on beer. It was so good! I loved the sweet berry notes and it was refreshing.

Overall, I loved “Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar” and I will be frequently visiting. It’s veggie friendly while offering traditional meat fare for the rest of the family.

Check out their menu for yourself below.

Pie-Tap Menu – Design District

Stay Foxy!

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