Foodie Friday: Roti Modern Mediterranean

Hi Foxy People!

I always get excited for these posts. It lets me know that Friday is here and the weekend can begin! This week, I’m highlighting a newer restaurant called, Roti Modern Mediterranean.

A little piece of Chicago landed her in Dallas! I first heard of Roti when I was working in downtown Chicago. It was this cute, fresh, and new restaurant tucked away in the heart of the city. The food was always good and did not disappoint. It also left me feeling light and satisfied. In my work at the time, I was always on my feet running around in commissioned sales. You needed food for fuel, not to make you drag. The food here left me feeling refueled and energized.

Fast forward to now, I’m walking with a coworker for our 15 minute break and we get approached by a young man handing out free entree vouchers. I took a look and it was to Roti! What are the odds? I believe everyone driving and walking in that area could hear my excitement lol. We decided to give it a try that day. It was just as good as I remembered!

The menu is simple. You choose your base, which is either the Rice Plate, Laffa Wrap, Pita Sandwich, or Roti Salad. Then customize it with a protein such as Chicken Roti, Salmon Kabob, or Falaffel just to name a few. Then chose your sides to top it with like Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Hummus, Couscous, or Red Cabbage Slaw. Then you finish with your sauce. They have a variety. My favorite two that I like to add on my order are the Dill, Yogurt, & Cucumber sauce and the Garlic Sauce.

Check this place out when you’re venturing downtown in Dallas off of McKinney!

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