Foodie Friday: Taco Ocho Review

Happy Foodie Friday! I’ve been gone for a week with my Denver trip, but I’m finally back. So many great reviews to come! I will even have a post about my trip to Denver.

This week, I wanted to feature this cool, hidden gem in Richardson, TX. If you are near the area or don’t mind making the trip for some good tacos, Taco Ocho is the place for you.

The thing that sold me the most about this restaurant was that half of the menu was catered to Vegans and Vegetarians! Yes, we finally have a place where people get us at a regular establishment lol. On top of that the food was freshly made to order.

Fan Favorites

The Yucatan and Caribbean Taco Plate that comes with rice and beans. The plate was only $10!

  • Yucatan Taco: comes with roasted potatoes, poblanos, corn, red onions, black bean spread, sour cream, cotija cheese. The potatoes helps to offset the heat.
  • Caribbean Taco: comes with Plantains, black bean spread, rice, salsa, shredded lettuce, sour cream

Queso & Chips

  • This queso is not a boring queso. It has little surprises as you keep digging in. You may get some onions, you may get some tomato, and it’s a white queso and not the golden hue we’re used to. I love a blanco queso. Every version I’ve had, it’s been good.

Hand-hacked Hass Avocado Guacamole and Chips

  • You may not know, but guacamole is the best in my eyes! I can eat it and just plain avocados every single day on everything lol. Their guacamole in particular I can picture on everything. It’s fresh and seasoned. That’s key!

All I can say is, you can enjoy a meal for two for around $25 and it will include appetizers galore. Take a look at their menu and give them a try.

Stay Foxy!


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